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About Mailercloud

Mailercloud is a company driven by a profound passion for innovating email marketing solutions. They’ve been on an evolutionary journey since 2013, and it wasn’t until 2018 that they discovered their name, Mailercloud.

Their choice of ‘Mailercloud’ is symbolic, drawing inspiration from the imagery of clouds and the distribution of mail. It perfectly encapsulates their overarching goal – to facilitate secure connections between businesses and their customers.

For Mailercloud, email marketing isn’t just about sending emails; it’s about nurturing meaningful relationships. Trust and confidentiality are their cornerstones, and these values are upheld at every touchpoint. Their mission revolves around building connections, sharing responsibilities, and igniting inspiration.

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How It Works

What sets Mailercloud apart?

If your customers are not reading your emails, then you need to look at our real metrics. The team at Mailercloud, known as the Mailercloud Pathfinders, is unwavering in their commitment to solving problems and aiding clients in making well-informed decisions. They understand that perfection lies in imperfection, and it’s these imperfections that strengthen their relationships with clients.

2 Billion + Emails per month

Currently, Mailercloud dispatches over 2 billion emails each month.

200 Million + Opens

Mailercloud emails have garnered over 200 million opens.

95%Client retention

Mailercloud retains 95% of its clients.

10K + Monthly campaigns

Mailercloud now conducts over 10,000 monthly campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mailercloud

What is Mailercloud Sofware?

Mailercloud is a cloud-based email marketing platform. It’s designed for SMEs and large enterprises, offering a user-friendly interface, affordable subscription plans, time-based campaigns, personalization, automation, integrations, webforms, and exceptional customer support.

Why Choose Mailercloud for Email Marketing?

Mailercloud enables targeted email campaigns, real-time performance tracking, automated campaigns, personalized emails, newsletter design, webforms, and integrations with tools like Zapier, Pabbly, and Integrately. Plus, you receive expert support.

Can I Track My Email Campaign Performance?

Yes, monitor real-time performance, click rates, open rates, lead generation, and conversion pixels for your campaigns.

What Is Blacklist Monitoring?

Mailercloud maintains your email deliverability by reviewing your content for blacklisted domains.

Can I Automate Email Campaigns using Mailercloud??

Absolutely, set up email automation to reach the right audience at the right time.

Can I Create Custom Email Templates and Newsletters using Mailercloud?

Yes, use our Drag and Drop Email Builder to craft custom templates, add images, buttons, menus, dividers, spacers, or write your HTML code.

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