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Transform your business with the WEBSTRIO Partner Program. Join forces with us to access cutting-edge SEO and online marketing techniques at no cost. Our program is designed to propel your growth by providing valuable tools and strategies, allowing you to reach a broader audience and increase your online presence. WEBSTRIO’s commitment to your success is unwavering, and we empower you with the expertise and resources to thrive in the digital landscape. Experience the difference of our partnership and see your business flourish as you harness the full potential of our free SEO and online marketing techniques.

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Terms & Conditions for Free Plan

Eligibility for WEBSTRIO Partner Program 2023

    • Reputed software development companies with a proven track record and web application products are eligible for the WEBSTRIO Partner Program.
    • Participation in the WEBSTRIO Partnership Program is exclusive and available to selected companies. These chosen companies receive complimentary SEO marketing from WEBSTRIO and must provide discount coupons to WEBSTRIO referrals as per the program’s terms.
    • To facilitate this partnership, you are required to provide WEBSTRIO with an affiliate link to your product.
    • Upon collaboration, you agree to offer a 25% discount to WEBSTRIO referrals, with the remaining 10% to be directed to WEBSTRIO.
    • In return, we exclusively promote your web applications at no cost, implementing the best SEO strategies to enhance their visibility.
    • To initiate this partnership, we request you to promote the partner profile page (featuring your software product on the WEBSTRIO Digital website)  on your social media channels, linking them back to your website.
    • Article publication is not available in the Free SEO Plan. However, the Free Plan does include the creation of a profile page. If you wish to have articles published regularly, you can consider upgrading to our Affordable WEBSTRIO SEO Plans. The frequency of article publication will vary based on the specific plan you choose within the Affordable WEBSTRIO SEO options. Scroll down to see more details of Affordable SEO Services. Leveraging article publications can significantly boost brand awareness and attract more leads to your Company profile page.
    • Furthermore, we kindly ask for your unique coupon code for activation, which will be utilized each time we capture a lead through your partner company profile page.
    • It is essential to activate the coupon code within 24 hours to ensure seamless collaboration and the provision of discounts to our referrals.
    • The partner is required to prominently display the WEBSTRIO Digital logo on their website as a marketing partner, indicating our trusted alliance and ensuring that WEBSTRIO’s website visitors can access the genuine discounts offered to our referrals.
    • WEBSTRIO Digital and its affiliates bear no responsibility if a website visitor buys a partner product after viewing their profile on our website. We provide a 25% discount coupon. Partner companies are solely responsible for managing WEBSTRIO referrals.

    Check out how we create a partner sofware product profile:

    Benefits For WEBSTRIO Partners

    Unlock Free SEO: Boost Your Software Product Page on Google Search

    Unleash the power of free SEO to catapult your software product’s visibility on Google search. Elevate your page’s ranking and drive more organic traffic with our expert SEO strategies.

    Comprehensive Partner Software Product Profile Page

    Discover our Comprehensive Partner Software Product Profile Page, offering a detailed insight into the diverse software solutions brought by our partner company. business people can find the perfect Product for their business needs and Explore innovative offerings by our partners.

    Elevate Your Software Product to a Global Brand

    Transform your software product into a globally recognized brand. Unlock unprecedented reach and impact with our strategic solutions.

    Online Presence Made Easy: Zero Server and Domain Costs

    Achieve an online presence without the burden of server and domain expenses. Get started hassle-free today.

    Exclusive SEO Pricing Unavailable in the Global Market

    Unique SEO pricing unavailable worldwide. Explore our exceptional offerings for unparalleled search engine optimization services.

    Feature Your Software Product - Be Featured in Our Upcoming Blog Posts

    Put your software product in the spotlight! Feature your creation in our upcoming blog posts and reach a wider audience. Gain visibility, credibility, and engagement in the tech world.

    Select Us to Save Time and Simplify Your Marketing Efforts

    Choose us to streamline your marketing. Our solutions save time and simplify the complexities of your marketing efforts, letting you focus on what matters most: growing your business.

    No Joining Fees for WEBSTRIO Partnership Program: Access Free Online Marketing

    Experience our Online Marketing Service with zero joining fees. You pay us only upon successful lead closure. Unlock growth without upfront costs.

    Unlock Lead Generation Success with SEO Mastery

    Harness the power of SEO to drive exceptional lead growth and elevate your business to new heights.

    Enhance Your Online Visibility Without the Need for a Website

    Achieve online presence and recognition effortlessly, even without owning a website. Explore the possibilities today.

    Affordable SEO Plan

    Elevate Your Business with WEBSTRIO SEO Services Starting at Just $12 Per Month.

    Terms & Condition

    Affordable WEBSTRIO Special SEO Plan

    Profile Creation: We will create a comprehensive profile for your brand or company, making your company name publically accessible to a wider audience.

    Lead Capture: A lead capture form will be strategically placed on your profile to collect potential customer leads. These leads will be promptly forwarded to your company for further engagement.

    Company Website Link: While the Basic and Advanced Plan of SEO package does not provide direct SEO services for your company website, we will include a link to your website on the profile page we create for you. This will help drive traffic and increase your online visibility.

    Monthly Content Publication: Depending on the plan you select, we will craft and publish monthly articles related to your services. Our content will be optimized to ensure high rankings on Google, boosting your online presence.

    Dedicated SEO Plan: If you require dedicated SEO services for your company website, we offer an Enterprise Plan. Please feel free to choose this option, and our team will reach out to you with a revised quote and a tailored SEO strategy.

    Basic and Advanced Plans:

        • In the Basic and Advanced service plans, we do not offer analytic reporting.
        • Lead generation is not guaranteed as a part of these plans.
        • These plans primarily focus on creating brand awareness.

    Enterprise Plan:

      • The Enterprise plan includes monthly analytic reporting.
      • It offers insights into the performance of your website.


    WEBSTRIO Site features only chosen software companies. Requirements include a proven track record and positive customer reviews.


    For the Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise plans, a 35% discount is not applicable to WEBSTRIO. Please provide a coupon offering a 25% discount exclusively for referrals from WEBSTRIO.

    Payment Schedule:

          • The service cost for the Basic and Advanced Plans will be billed in advance on an annual basis.
          • The Enterprise Plan will be billed half-yearly in advance.

    Refund Policy: There will be no refunds for any of the WEBSTRIO SEO service plans.